Hassan Yussuff


Canadian Labour Congress’ newly elected President, Hassan Yussuff, has come from the factory floor of automotive manufacturing plants to the highest position in the country’s labour movement.

Born in Guyana, Hassan came to Canada and found work as a heavy truck mechanic. It was here that he became active in the labour movement – being elected as plant chair before joining CAW staff and helping hundreds of non-union workers become unionized.

Hassan has a long history of remarkable achievements, becoming the CLC’s first person of colour elected to an executive position in 1999 as Executive Vice-President. In 2002, he was elected to the first of his four terms as Secretary-Treasurer. Most recently, on May 8th, he was elected President.

Hassan has been a highly-active union leader not only in Canada, but also in the international arena.

Hassan has a long history of representing Canada on the international stage, including as an observer to the first democratic South African elections in 1994 that elected Nelson Mandela as President. And in 2012, he was elected president of the Trade Union Confederation of the Americas (TUCA) for a four-year term. TUCA represents more than 50 million workers in 29 countries.

The CLC is the national voice of the labour movement, representing 3.3 million Canadian workers.

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Hassan Yussuff