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Resolutions Carried

Delegates to the CLC's 26th Constitutional Convention (May 9-13) debated and passed 170 resolutions that were brought to the floor by convention committees.

The newly-formed Canadian Council handled all remaining resolutions at their first meeting, November 14-15, 2011.

Constitution and Structure 

Passed at Convention:

CS-11 – covered by the Report of the Commission on Structural Review

CS-1, CS-2, CS-3, CS-4, CS-5, CS-6, CS-7, CS-8, CS-9, CS-10, CS-12, CS-15

Passed by the Canadian Council:

Composite Resolution - Commission on Structural Review covering resolutions CS-13, CS-14, CS-16, CS-23, CS-24, CS-25, CS-26, CS-27, CS-28, and CS-29

Economic and Social Policy

Passed at Convention:

Composite Resolution – Foreign Ownership covering resolutions ESP-53 to ESP-55

Composite Resolution – Migrant Workers covering resolutions ESP-58, ESP-77 to ESP-80, ESP-131 and ESP-154 to ESP-157

Composite Resolution – Green Jobs covering resolutions ESP-59 to ESP-61

Composite Resolution – National Energy Strategy covering resolutions ESP-39, ESP-40, ESP-98 and ESP-99

Composite Resolution – Canada-Europe Trade Negotiations (CETA) covering resolutions ESP-20 to ESP-22, ESP-108, ESP-109 and ESP-158

Composite Resolution – Fair Taxes covering resolutions ESP-51, ESP-130, ESP-149, ESP-151 and ESP-152

Composite Resolution – Retirement Security for Everyone covering resolutions ESP-50, ESP-62, ESP-112 to ESP-113, ESP-117 to ESP-119, and ESP-140

Composite Resolution – Child Care covering resolutions ESP-23, ESP-84 to ESP-89, ESP-146 to ESP-147, ESP-160 to ESP-161

Composite Resolution – Public Medicare and Pharmacare covering resolutions ESP-27, ESP-52, ESP-63 to ESP-64, ESP-66, ESP-90, ESP-94, ESP-121 to ESP-124 and ESP-132

Composite Resolution – Pay Equity covering resolutions ESP-45 to ESP-48, and ESP-110

Concurrence with Policy Paper "Good Jobs for All" to cover ESP-19, ESP-29, ESP-82, ESP-142, ESP-145 and ESP-162

Passed by the Canadian Council:

Composite Resolution - Disability Rights covering resolutions ESP-126 and ESP-143

Composite Resolution - Corporate Accountability covering resolutions ESP-2, ESP-42, ESP-71, ESP-81, and ESP-111

Composite Resolution - Barrière Lake covering resolutions ESP-14 and ESP-148

Composite Resolution - Homophobia and Transphobia covering resolutions ESP-4, ESP-5, ESP-6, and ESP-65

Composite Resolution - Employment Insurance covering resolutions ESP-7 to ESP-9, ESP-30 to ESP-36, and ESP-72 to ESP-73

Composite Resolution - Housing and Poverty covering resolutions ESP-91 to ESP-93, and ESP-125

Resolution ESP-75 - Manufacturing Crisis

Composite Resolution - Forest Industry covering ESP-3, ESP-10, ESP-16, ESP-56, ESP-163, and ESP-164

Resolution ESP-49 - Aerospace Industry

Resolution ESP-159 to cover ESP-83 - NAFTA

Resolution ESP-97 to cover ESP-96 - Water

Resolution ESP-104 to cover ESP-105 - Northern Gateway

Resolution ESP-138 to cover ESP-139 - Apprenticeship and Red Seal

Resolution ESP-101 to cover ESP-102 - New West Partnership

Resolution ESP-74 - Census

Resolution ESP-24 - Water as a Human Right

Resolution ESP-76 - Procurement Policy

Resolution ESP-1 - Aboriginal Education

Composite Resolution - Defined Benefit (DB) Workplace Plans covering Resolutions ESP-28 and Resolutions ESP-114 to ESP-116

Resolution ESP-11 - Securities Regulations

Resolution ESP-43 - Environment, Energy, and Jobs

Resolution ESP-41 - Environment and the Economy

Composite Resolution - Bankruptcy Reforms covering resolutions ESP-12, ESP-13, and ESP-103

Resolution ESP-17 - Mental Health

Resolutions ESP-106 to cover ESP-107 - Canada-Colombia Trade Deal

Resolution ESP-95 - Training

Resolution ESP-153 - Temporary Agencies

Resolution ESP-26 - Crime

Resolution ESP-67 - Maternal and Child Health

Resolution ESP-38 - Nuclear Power

Resolution ESP-134 - Post-Secondary Education and Training

Resolution ESP-127 - Older Workers

Amended Resolution - Work-Life Balance covering resolution ESP-137

Resolution ESP-120 - Pensions

Resolution ESP-166 - Women's Gains in Bargaining

Resolution ESP-100 - Manitoba Resources

Resolution ESP-165 - Women's Rights in British Columbia

Resolution ESP-141 - Lake Winnipeg

Resolution ESP-144 - Salmon Farming

The Committee was also asked to consider Resolutions GR-23, GR-37, GR-83 and GR-84, and GR-142, and wishes to report as follows:

Resolution GR-23 - Carbon Footprint

Resolution GR-37 - CPP Survivor Benefits

Composite Resolution - Injustices against Aboriginal Peoples covering resolutions GR-83 and GR-84

Resolution GR-142 - Skills Plus Program Funding   

General Resolutions

Passed at Convention:

Composite Resolution – Organizing and Union Awareness covering resolutions GR-116 and GR-117

Composite Resolution – Ensuring Fairness in Federal Labour Standards covering resolutions GR-7, GR-9 to GR-11, GR-17, GR-31, GR-33, GR-57, GR-59, GR-72, GR-82, GR-94, GR-104, GR-127, GR-130, GR-143, GR-151, and GR-152

Amended Resolution – Two-Tiered Wages and Benefits covering resolution GR-156

Composite Resolution – Training of Labour Representatives on Workers’ Compensation Boards covering resolutions GR-164, GR-166, and GR-167

Composite Resolution – Conventions of the International Labour Organization (ILO) covering resolution GR-4, GR-93, and GR-103

Composite Resolution – Global Corporate Agenda covering resolutions GR-65, GR-67, and GR-145

Composite Resolution – Collaborative Work Among Affiliates – Political Action and Government Lobbying covering resolutions GR-7, GR-16, GR-24, GR‑25, GR-32, GR-59, GR-91, GR-99, GR-100, GR-105, and GR‑122

Resolution GR-27 – Charter and Voucher Schools

Composite Resolution – Promoting a Safe and Strong Canadian Air Transport Industry covering resolutions GR-3, GR-5, GR-6, GR‑18, GR-19, and GR‑20

Composite Resolution – Human Rights and Civil Liberties covering resolutions GR-21, GR-26, GR-38, GR‑40, GR-54, GR‑56, GR-64, GR‑73, GR‑78 to GR‑80, GR‑97, GR‑108, GR‑119, GR‑136, GR‑138 to GR‑140, GR‑148 to GR‑149, GR‑163 and ESP-29

Composite Resolution – Living Wage Campaign covering resolutions GR-125 and GR-126

Composite Resolution – Justice for First Nations covering resolutions GR-62, GR-109, GR-162, and ESP-82

Resolution GR-61 – Free Collective Bargaining

Amended Resolution GR-74 – Occupational Health and Safety and Workers’ Compensation Board coverage for Agricultural Workers and Farm Hands

Amended Resolution GR-28 – Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) covers Resolutions GR-28 and GR-135

Passed by the Canadian Council:

Composite Resolution - Peoples’ Postal Declaration covering resolutions GR-22, GR-114, GR-121, GR-161, ESP-145 and ESP-162

Composite Resolution - Post Secondary Education Funding covering resolutions GR-123 and GR-124

Amended Resolution - Employment Equity Symposium covering resolution GR-49 and GR-50

Resolution GR-128 - Privatization of Food Inspection

Composite and Combined Resolution - Re-negotiation of Federal Transfers covering resolutions GR-76 and GR-133

Composite Resolution - Withdrawal from the War in Afghanistan covering resolutions GR-1, GR-2, GR-120 and GR-165

Substitute Resolution - Support for Venezuela and the Bolivarian Alternative for the Peoples of our America (ALBA) Countries – covering resolution GR-71

Resolution GR-106 - Movements in North Africa and the Middle East

Resolution GR-101 - Marine Disasters

Amended Resolution - Sectoral Bargaining covering resolution GR-34

Substitute Resolution - Equity Audit covering resolution GR-63

Composite Resolution - United Nations (UN) Recognition Of April 28th Day of Mourning - Known Internationally as the “International Commemoration Day (ICD) for Dead and Injured Workers” covering resolutions GR-41, GR-42, GR-43, GR-44, GR-45, GR-46 and GR-95

Composite Resolution - Support for Pan-Canadian Events covering resolutions GR-47, GR-102 and GR-111

Composite Resolution - Copyright Legislation covering resolutions GR-35, GR-36 and GR-96

Composite Resolution - Longshore Solidarity covering resolutions GR-66 and ESP-142

Composite Resolution - Haiti and Natural Disasters covering resolutions GR-70 and GR-113

Composite Resolution - Incarcerated Trade Unionists or those who Face Similar Threats covering resolutions GR-97, GR-153 and GR-154

Resolutions GR-87 and GR-88 - Injured Workers Day and the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) Action Plan

Composite Resolution - Buy Union covering resolutions GR-13, GR-14 and GR-15

Resolution GR-98 - Protecting Local News Programming

Resolution GR-53 - Equality of Access to the Internet

Amended Resolution - Episodic Disabilities covering resolution GR-52

Resolution GR-75 - Employer Attacks on Benefits and Sick Leave

Amended Resolution - Self Checkout Counters covering resolution GR-141

Substitute Resolution - Pre-Retirement Course and Working with the Congress of Union Retirees of Canada (CURC) covering resolutions GR-69 and GR-137

Resolution GR-158 - Name Change for Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) Union Counsellor Program

CLC Statement - Middle East, Israel & Gaza covering resolutions GR-12, GR-55, GR-85 and GR-86

Resolution GR-39 - Solidarity with Cubans on Trial

Resolution GR-131 - Rebuild Canada’s Reputation in the World

Resolution GR-77 - HIV and AIDS

Resolution GR-157 - Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Law

Resolution GR-129 - Promoting Pride

Resolution GR-60 - Flag at Half Mast – April 28th and December 6th

Resolution GR-144 - Community Based Social Services

Resolution GR-8 - Asbestos (Just Transition)

Resolution GR-155 - Translation and Interpretation

Resolution GR-58 - Fair Law (Investment Canada Act)

Amended Resolution - Labour Education covering resolution GR-159

Resolution GR-160 - Unionized Workers

Resolution GR-29 - Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) Labour Council Meeting

Composite Resolution - Support for Canadian Labour International Film Festival (CliFF) covering resolutions GR-146 and GR-147

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