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About the CLC Young Workers Advisory Committee

The CLC Young Workers Advisory Committee is comprised of persons 30 years of age or younger that are representatives of unions and federations of labour affiliated to the Canadian Labour Congress. The Committee is chaired by the elected vice-president and supported by the appointed CLC National clc young workersYoung Workers Representative.

The fundamental purpose of the CLC's Young Workers Advisory Committee is to make sure that young workers are represented in the labour movement and have a voice in Canadian politics and society. Our goals are to push forward equity issues, increase educational opportunities for young workers, support succession and mentorship plans and organize around issues that matter to young workers and young Canadians.

To be appointed, you must be nominated by your affiliate. For more information or to get involved, please email CLC National Representative Amy Huziak.

CLC Nat'l Young Workers Rep: Amy Huziak

Elected Representative to Canadian Council: Stephen Von Sychowski

Current Committee members are:

Lindsay Amundsen (BCTD), Amanda Atwell (OFL), Gabriel Bako (UFCW), Nicole Barkhouse (CUPE), Andre Beaulieu (PSAC), Remi Bellemare-Caron (PSAC), Jeremy Carlson (IAHFIAW), Matthew Dumas (COPE), Paul Finch (NUPGE), Stacey Lulik (SFL),, James Grant (OSSTF), Jamie Kyriacou (ONA), Jenifer Mathers (CAW), Kelly Murphy (NSFL), Michael O'Brien (USW), Nathan Schneider (COPE), Carly Rae Sonier (CAW), Kate Walsh (IBEW)

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