The Canadian Labour Congress is committed to advancing women’s equality.

We organize conferences, workshops and think tanks to develop our analysis of the impact of corporate and government actions on women and to develop strategies to move women’s equality forward. We lobby governments and organize campaigns to win equality rights for women. Union women work in close alliance with women’s organizations across the country.

Relevant Issues for women:

Child CareDisability rights - Equal access to jobs and training - Homophobia and transphobia - Pay Equity - Racism - Equal access to EI and pensions - Harassment and 

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Child care in Canada: A scarce resource - the report

It’s now more than 40 years since the Royal Commission on the Status of Women first called for a national child care program. But although most mothers of young children now work outside the home, Canada still has no national child care policy. Wi… Read More

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Equal Pay Day

April 16 is Equal Pay Day in Ontario – on this day a woman, on average, has worked enough to earn as much as a man made the previous year. The gender wage gap isn’t just a problem in Ontario – it’s the reality for wor… Read More

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CEP March of Aprons Rally

Greetings Sisters and Brothers! I was asked to talk about the long list of attacks from the Harper government. However, somehow I think you have been spending a lot of time at your conference talking about that. So I am going to twist that requ… Read More

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