Workers of Colour

Our work in this area looks at human rights in its broadest term which includes: political, economic, social, cultural, and religious rights. The Congress’ work on anti-racism is shaped by a working class analysis of the root causes of racism, which has its root in colonialism, imperialism and the historical exploitation of people of colour throughout the world.

Some areas of our current work on workers of colour include:

  • promoting the human rights and equality rights of workers of colour;
  • combatting racism in Canadian workplaces, private and public institutions, including follow-up work related to the CLC Anti-Racism Task Force;
  • strategies to increase the access of workers of colour and youth to the Canadian labour force, including promotion of employment equity, access to training and apprenticeship programs, and the recognition of international credentials; and
  • the impact of globalization and privatization on people of colour and making the link with workers in the “South”; poverty; health related issues; lack of access to water, employment, housing, education, healthcare and other social services; and, environmental racism.

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