Young Workers

The Canadian Labour Congress supports the work of progressive young activists across Canada, and promotes the engagement of young and new workers into their unions and labour councils.

Young Canadians are currently facing a challenging employment situation. Youth employment has not recovered since the 2008 recession, and increasingly young workers are facing employment that is low-wage, precarious, part-time, and temporary. Education is one of the greatest factors to a successful working career, but with increasing tuition fees and living expenses, post-secondary education has either fallen out of reach for many young people or left them saddled with massive debt that will take years to pay off.

In order to challenge the current economic climate, young workers are organizing and taking active roles in their unions, as well as demonstrating leadership in their communities and developing partnerships with other progressive allies. Young worker's committees and their representatives are active at the local, provincial, national and international levels. The CLC's own Young Workers Advisory Committee promotes representation and education by young workers, and continues to bring youth issues to the forefront of the labour movement.


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