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Canadian Labour Congress HIV/AIDS Labour Fund

The CLC HIV/AIDS Labour Fund was established in 2003 to assist the CLC and our labour partners to pool resources and to work together on HIV/AIDS. The fund’s main mandate is to support the programs and projects from workers’ organizations working to prevent HIV/AIDS, addressing the impact on workers, their families and their workplaces.

The Fund's priority areas of work are identified as follows:

  • Improving trade unions’ bargaining capacity with employers for benefit packages, prevention programmes, care facilities and treatment; negotiating national programs with government.

  • Production, adaptation and/or translation of training and communication tools (training manuals; educational leaflets; articles publishing; radio programmes).

  • Training of trainers and Workers’ education programmes (Peer education / peer counselling by sector of activity, age group, couples, sexual orientation, etc.).

  • Worker exchanges and solidarity initiatives in support of capacity building, advocacy campaigns and fund raising for HIV/AIDS labour programming (South-South and South-North).

  • Policy research and advocacy (e.g. local or national promotion of good practices on HIV; impact of TRIPS on workers’ access to treatment; promoting HIV testing; support to unions in planning and monitoring tripartite or bipartite policies & programs).

  • The Fund also provided a mechanism for Canadian trade union ‘funding partners’ to pool together its financial resources in order to achieve greater support and impact.

The projects the CLC has supported promotes policy development and actions that seek to strengthen the involvement of workers in workplace programmes of change through awareness raising & training, industrial relations & collective bargaining, as well as advocacy & other forms of lobbying.

In keeping with the mandate of the CLC HIV/AIDS Labour Fund, the CLC and several affiliates focussed our support towards trade union project partners, and assisted some national centres in the development of their HIV/AIDS planning, training and networking capacities. Some of our affiliates are also supporting HIV humanitarian initiatives with other partners in countries of the south. To donate, make cheque payable to the Canadian Labour Congress, attention: HIV/AIDS Labour Fund.