The AIDS pandemic feeds on inequity, poverty and poor education as well as lack of access to information, preventative measures, health care and treatment.

The Canadian Labour Congress works with other global and Canadian partners to address the pandemic of HIV and AIDS worldwide. In this section you will find information on projects we have funded, lobby and advocacy work and various samples of organizations we have partnered with.

home based careThe CLC's work on HIV/AIDS has been built on on our experience with health campaigns, international development, workers humanitarian funds and global solidarity. Some of our international work dates back from the late 1950s. Even before the HIV/AIDS Labour Fund was established, the CLC and a number of affiliates had been supporting HIV/AIDS projects in developing countries, funded by union members dues and by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA).

The CLC 2002 Convention saw the adoption of Resolutions committing its leadership and membership to strong public health, workers rights, international solidarity and the fight against HIV/AIDS, through the adoption of binding resolutions.  A clear mandate with global efforts to address the HIV/AIDS epidemic was established, with a number of CLC affiliates paving the way for the adoption of the resolutions through their work within their organizations.

Canadian Labour Congress HIV/AIDS Labour Fund

The CLC HIV/AIDS Labour Fund was established in 2003 to assist the CLC, affiliates, federations of labour and labour councils to pool resources and to work together on HIV/AIDS. The fund’s main mandate is to support the programs and projects from workers’ organizations working to prevent HIV/AIDS, addressing the impact on workers, their families and their workplaces. Learn more about the fund...

Lobby & Advocacy work

The central aim of our international advocacy and lobbying efforts is to ensure that the workplace becomes a vehicle for the global responses to HIV & AIDS; that leaders at the international, national and enterprise level recognize and support strengthening the workplace responses, and that trade unionists and international leaders at all levels become accountable for commitments made in dealing with AIDS.

The CLC, its affiliates and community allies have undertaken several advocacy actions to increase Canada’s commitment to fighting HIV/AIDS:

  • Support for the Doha Declaration on Public Health;
  • for more attention to the pandemic in NEPAD;
  • for greater contribution to the Global Health Fund on HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria;
  • for strengthened HIV/AIDS programs of the Canadian international development agency (CIDA);
  • for promoting the ILO Code of Practice on HIV/AIDS;

The CLC recognizes that tackling HIV/AIDS, requires the labour movement and civil society to continue to work for full equality of women, lesbians, gays, bisexual and trans people, racialized groups, and Aboriginal people both in Canada and globally. We recognizethat inequality is inextricably tied to the HIV/AIDS pandemic and also understands that a public health care system is an important component of any HIV/AIDS strategy.

Additional Resources

CLC HIV/AIDS Labour Fund

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