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"It's not a Game"- Our newest video for teaching collective bargaining skills

Local 1001 is preparing for bargaining in one of their workplaces, a private nursing home. Monique, who is new to the bargaining committee, is working with the staff rep, the local president and another member in the nursing home to get ready for bargaining.

We will see the bargaining committee survey the members for proposals, research and prepare the bargaining proposals and bargain for these proposals with the nursing home management.  The video will take us through the steps in the collective bargaining process, look at the dynamics in the bargaining process and show the union and management caucuses during bargaining.

The video is in 4 parts:

1. Preparing for Bargaining (11:58)
2. Exploring the Issues (12:45)
3. Looking for the Deal (15:44)
4. Reaching a Settlement (14:44)

This video is designed for members who have experience in bargaining, as well as those who are new to the process and want to understand how collective bargaining works.

The study guide will help facilitators integrate the video into an existing course or to work with the video on its own and is available now.  Download the order form here.