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Temporary Foreign Workers: the revolving door

They come to Canada to fill jobs that employers cannot find Canadians to fill, they work, pay taxes, contribute to CPP and they put back into the local economy.  These are Canada’s Temporary Foreign Workers (TFW). The TFW program has existed for years. … Read More

Racism in Canada? Yes, it’s still rampant. And we need a government that will commit to working to end it.

On February 24, Quebec court Judge Eliana Marengo told a young Muslim woman named Rania El Alloul that she would not hear her case unless she removed her head scarf. We’ll be thinking of Rania El Alloul and other Canadian Muslims facing discrimination in… Read More

International Women’s Day: Women in Canada Need Child Care

On International Women’s Day we celebrate women’s achievements and also reflect on the barriers to equality that still remain in place. With a federal election on its way, this year the Canadian Labour Congress is focusing on the struggle to access quality… Read More

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Canadian unions join February 18 global mobilization on right to strike

The International Trade Union Confederation is calling on unions around the world to demonstrate their support for the right to strike on February 18. The mobilization comes in advance of a key decision being made in March by the International Labour Organization… Read More

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Memorial for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

On February 14th, communities across Canada will hold Women’s Memorial Marches to remember Canada’s missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls. The Canadian Labour Congress has already called for a National Inquiry on Missing and Murdered Indigenous… Read More

Supreme Court affirms essential role of the right to strike in collective bargaining

OTTAWA – The Canadian Labour Congress is welcoming today’s Supreme Court of Canada decision affirming the right to strike as essential to meaningful collective bargaining. “Today’s decision levels the playing field for workers by placing checks on… Read More

February is African Heritage Month

This year’s African Heritage Month is especially important for two reasons; the United Nations (UN) has declared 2015 2024 to be the International Decade for People of African Descent, and this African Heritage Month kick starts a decade of political advocacy… Read More

Supreme Court vindicates right to meaningful collective bargaining

Today’s Supreme Court of Canada decision on the Mounted Police Association of Ontario recognizes the right of all workers in Canada to choose independent associations to engage in meaningful collective bargaining. This right is constitutionally protected… Read More

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It's time to act: National Inquiry on Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

The Canadian Labour Congress is today reiterating its call for a National Inquiry on Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women. … Read More

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Senate votes to make it harder for Canadians to join a union

The Senate has passed a bill that will make it much more difficult for workers in federally regulated workplaces to join unions, and easier for a minority of workers to disband them. … Read More

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