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CLC criticizes layoffs at the CBC: Questions government commitment to public broadcasting

OTTAWA ― The President of the Canadian Labour Congress has criticized the staffing cuts announced at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. “This is just the latest round of job cuts at our national broadcaster and once again the CBC is being asked to… Read More

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CLC comments on job numbers for March: Underemployment is Canada’s main labour market challenge

OTTAWA ― Underemployment remains Canada’s biggest labour market challenge, says Ken Georgetti, president of the Canadian Labour Congress. … Read More

CLC writes to Minister Kenney on why relying on websites like Kijiji is not a good indicator of job vacancies

Canadians would be surprised to learn that the federal government is using Kijiji help wanted ads in its statistical labour market data on job vacancies.  Read Ken Georgetti's letter to Minister Jason Kenney on why a reliance on websites like Kijiji may not… Read More

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CLC slams draconian legislation in Nova Scotia: Georgetti says move against nurses will poison the workplace

OTTAWA ― The Canadian Labour Congress has slammed the Nova Scotia government for introducing Essential Services legislation that denies nurses and other provincial health care workers their right to collective bargaining. … Read More

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Federal government did not tell whole story on CPP: ATIP documents show Finance Department manoeuvrings

OTTAWA ― Minister of State for Finance Kevin Sorenson and his department provided misleading information to journalists and the public at a crucial time during the federal-provincial debate in December 2013 over expansion of the Canada and Quebec Pension… Read More

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Korea trade deal will hurt Canadian manufacturing: CLC says deal negotiated largely in secret

OTTAWA ― The president of the Canadian Labour Congress says the trade deal with South Korea signed by Prime Minister Stephen Harper on March 11 was negotiated behind closed doors and that it could further hollow out Canada’s industrial sector. … Read More

Conservative budget lacks vision for future: CLC says government abandoning the middle class

OTTAWA ― The President of the Canadian Labour Congress says the federal budget lacks any vision about how to stop growing inequality and the economic slide of middle class Canadians. Ken Georgetti was commenting on the 2014-15 budget tabled in the House… Read More

Millions of Canadians lack secure work: CLC responds to January's labour force statistics

OTTAWA ― The Canadian Labour Congress says that, despite the rosy picture painted by Conservative politicians, millions of Canadians cannot find full time jobs that pays decently. … Read More

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January 29 is Corporate Tax Freedom Day - CLC report: Many businesses hoarding cash from tax giveaways rather than invest in creating jobs

OTTAWA ― A research study by the Canadian Labour Congress shows that Corporate Tax Freedom Day occurs on January 29.  … Read More

2013 in two words: Discouraged and Underemployed: CLC responds to year-end labour force statistics

OTTAWA ― If you had to pick two words to sum up the job market for Canadians in 2013, what would they be? Looking at today’s release of year-end employment statistics, Ken Georgetti’s words are “discouraged” and “underemployed”; if he could… Read More

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