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CLC’s Erin Harrison speaks at UN about youth employment

The CLC’s Erin Harrison spoke on July 25 to a high level meeting at the United Nations in New York, which is considering the importance of youth participation in social integration, full employment and the eradication of poverty. Harrison, a CLC represen… Read More

CLC calls for Canada to lead international response to humanitarian crisis in East Africa

OTTAWA – The Canadian Labour Congress joins calls for Canada to pledge more in aid for the millions of people affected by severe drought in East Africa. "While the federal government has allocated $22 million in humanitarian aid to the region this year, … Read More

“It’s a Lemon” - Canadian Labour Congress says feds new pension scheme a non-starter

OTTAWA – “Sounds like they’re trying to sell us a lemon.” That was Ken Georgetti’s reaction to an announcement earlier this week from the federal minister responsible for retirement security on the Conservative government’s plans to push ahead … Read More

Ottawa must focus on younger workers: CLC President comments on job numbers for June 2011

OTTAWA – The Canadian Labour Congress says that young workers continue to be victimized by high rates of unemployment and it wants Ottawa to create a strategy that would assist in providing full-time and secure employment for them. Ken Georgetti, preside… Read More