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Supreme Court backs teachers and reaffirms pregnancy leave rights

The Canadian Labour Congress is applauding a Supreme Court of Canada decision reaffirming that employment benefits for women who give birth are separate and distinct from parental leave benefits. The unanimous decision, delivered Wednesday immediately following… Read More

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Labour and Employers Discuss Ways to Advance Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace

The Canadian Labour Congress and Federally-Regulated Employers – Transportation and Communications sponsored a joint symposium in Toronto today on psychological health and safety in the workplace. The meeting included many Canadian unions that represent… Read More

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Canada needs a new plan to create jobs – good jobs.

The Conservative government likes to talk about “one million net new jobs” as proof of its ability to manage the economy. But a quick look at the facts reveals something closer to the reality Canadians are dealing with today. Despite the government's rhetoric,… Read More

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Over 50 organizations call on Canadian government to support survivors of Rana Plaza tragedy

OTTAWA ― Over fifty human rights, religious, international development, trade union, women’s, teacher, student, community and investor organizations have released an Open Letter calling on the Canadian government to publicly urge Canadian companies whose… Read More

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When will good jobs become the priority? Canada's job market sheds a record 112,000 private-sector jobs

OTTAWA ― The president of the Canadian Labour Congress says it's clear Canada's job market remains stuck in the mud and isn't going anywhere without immediate and forceful action, pointing to the loss of 112,000 private-sector jobs last month that resulted… Read More

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It's (still) time for leadership on jobs: Revised job numbers for July don't change the story

OTTAWA ― While today's revised job numbers from Statistics Canada show fewer jobs were lost than those originally reported, it's the same story as far as the quality of the new jobs available to Canada's 1.35 million unemployed workers. Between June and… Read More

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CLC says jobs recovery has stalled: Hassan Yussuff comments on job numbers for June

OTTAWA ― The Canadian Labour Congress says that, despite the rosy picture painted by Conservative politicians in a new social media campaign, millions of Canadians are struggling to find full time jobs that pay decently. So far this year the working age… Read More

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Nigerian Unions, Government and Employers Strike Deal Over HIV and AIDS

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) and the African Regional organization of the International Confederation of Trade Unions (ITUC-Africa) take decisive steps by bringing key stakeholders together. … Read More

The CLC Calls on the Federal Government to Move Forward, Not Backward, on Retirement Security

OTTAWA ― Hassan Yussuff, the President of the Canadian Labour Congress, says that the labour movement in Canada has clearly and forcefully told the federal government that it has no business encouraging employers to tear up past pension promises and cut… Read More

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You're doing it wrong: CLC President reacts to CBC cuts

OTTAWA ― The Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) shares the sense of shock and dismay at the deep cuts announced by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC). Reacting to news that up to 1,500 jobs will be eliminated in the coming years and an abandonment of… Read More

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