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Global Corporate Bullies: Here they come again

First it was Vale-Inco in Sudbury. Then it was Caterpillar in London. Now, workers are under attack in another community: this time at the hands of corporate giant Rio Tinto in Alma, Quebec. Alma has one of the world’s best, most modern and lowest cost… Read More

Ken Georgetti flags abuses of trade union rights in Mexico

OTTAWA – CLC President Ken Georgetti met on March 14th with Francisco J. Barrio-Terrazas, Mexico’s ambassador to Canada. Georgetti and other Canadian union leaders expressed concern about the continuing abuse of trade union rights by the Mexican government. Georgetti… Read More

Georgetti tells Minister Raitt to stop interfering in Air Canada bargaining: CLC President sends letter of protest to Labour Minister

OTTAWA – The President of the Canadian Labour Congress has written to Labour Minister Lisa Raitt to protest against her meddling in collective bargaining at Air Canada. … Read More

Next federal budget must assist in creating jobs: CLC President comments on job numbers for February 2012

OTTAWA – The President of the Canadian Labour Congress is calling on the federal government to use its upcoming budget to assist in creating good, family supporting jobs. Ken Georgetti was commenting on the release by Statistics Canada of its Labour Force… Read More

African & Canadian Unions Launch G8 AIDS Campaign

Trade unions throughout Africa and Canada will call on the Canadian government to champion a focus on HIV & AIDS at the next G8 Summit at Camp David on May 18-19, 2012. Mr. Kwasi Adu-Amankwah of the African regional International Trade Union Confederation… Read More

The CLC Urges the Prime Minister to Support a comprehensive and robust United Nations Arms Trade Treaty 

Each day, armed conflict results in the deaths of 2,000 people worldwide, and countless others are maimed. Illicit and irresponsible transfers of arms are the cause of many of the world’s greatest human rights abuses, conflicts, and humanitarian disasters.… Read More

Budget Must Focus on Jobs: Georgetti says latest EI numbers point to erosion of job quality

OTTAWA – New figures released today about the number of unemployed workers who qualify for help from the federal government’s Employment Insurance program suggests that the post-recession jobs recovery is precarious at best. … Read More

CLC condemns vote ending Long-gun registry

The Canadian Labour Congress joins with the Coalition for Gun Control, police, women's and anti-violence organizations in condemning today's vote to end the gun registry. "We maintain that the gun registry is an important tool to ensure workplace and community… Read More

CLC wants national summit on retirement security - Georgetti says government’s approach is piecemeal

OTTAWA – The Canadian Labour Congress is calling for a national summit on the future of Canada’s retirement income system in the wake of the government’s stated intention to impose limits on Old Age Security (OAS), which is paid to everyone 65 years… Read More

Canadian taxpayers left holding the bag in London plant shutdown: Georgetti says Caterpillar should be forced to seek Canadian buyer

OTTAWA – The President of the Canadian Labour Congress says the federal government should force Caterpillar Inc. to put its London, Ontario diesel assembly plant up for sale to a Canadian buyer to keep jobs in this country. Georgetti was commenting on an… Read More