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CLC says Bill C-377 should be withdrawn: Appreciates Senate amendments but bill still unacceptable

OTTAWA ― The President of the Canadian Labour Congress says that anti-union Bill C-377 should be withdrawn despite amendments to the legislation introduced in the Senate. “I do want to thank the Senators for taking seriously their responsibility as legislators,"… Read More

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Fraser Institute fails to make case for RRSPs: Flawed study attempts to attack expanded CPP

OTTAWA ― The President of the Canadian Labour Congress says that the Fraser Institute has unwittingly made the case for expanding the Canada Pension Plan and making it the preferred retirement savings option. … Read More

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Conservatives sabotaging CPP talks Government listening to Fraser Institute and CFIB, not provinces

OTTAWA ― The President of the Canadian Labour Congress says that the Conservative government is deliberately trying to sabotage federal-provincial talks aimed at improving the Canada Pension Plan.  … Read More

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CLC to Senators - Defeat Bill C-377

Last week the Senate Banking Committee completed hearings on Bill C-377 and issued their report to the Senate.   In an unusual move, the Senate Committee wrote: … Read More

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Global report takes aim on Harper government’s attacks on worker & trade union rights

A report released this week in Switzerland by the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) has taken aim at Canadian government trends to interfere with strike actions, and the plight of migrant workers. The ITUC released its annual survey of trade union… Read More

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No More Unfair Drug Testing at Work

The Supreme Court of Canada just upheld important restrictions on management rights in an appeal by the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union (CEP) against Irving Pulp and Paper and reinforced the importance of collective bargaining in balancing the… Read More

CLC to John Baird: Protect Women's Rights

President Ken Georgetti wrote to John Baird, Minister of Foreign Affairs regarding Canada's position in the current negotiations toward the UN Human Rights Council's annual resolution on violence against women: The Honourable John Baird Minister of Foreign… Read More

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Investment firms alarmed about Bill C-377: Anti-union Bill will have costly consequences

OTTAWA ― Canadian investment and insurance firms are expressing alarm over the consequences that will flow from Bill C-377, legislation of the Conservative government that is aimed mainly at labour unions. … Read More

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Georgetti comments on Statistics Canada job numbers: Says government fails to consult labour on job plans

OTTAWA ― The President of the Canadian Labour Congress says that the federal government consistently fails to consult workers and their representatives when creating policies about jobs and training. … Read More

If it works, change it: Georgetti criticizes back door changes to Labour Code

OTTAWA ― The President of the Canadian Labour Congress has expressed outrage over a back door attempt by the Conservative government to interfere in labour relations and the established rights of workers to join and remain in a union. … Read More

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