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Canadian workers being under-utilized: Ken Georgetti responds to Statistics Canada Labour Force Survey

OTTAWA ― The President of the Canadian Labour Congress says that too many Canadian workers are stuck in part time jobs and others have given up looking for work altogether.  … Read More

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Labour Code changes target collective bargaining: CLC’s Georgetti calls it affront to democracy

OTTAWA ― Amendments that the Conservative government has slipped into a giant budget bill is an attack on the constitutional right to collective bargaining, says Ken Georgetti, president of the Canadian Labour Congress. “The Conservative government is… Read More

Labour Code changes endanger workers: Amendments buried in budget bill

OTTAWA ― The Canadian Labour Congress says that the lives of workers in the federal sector will be placed in danger as a result of cynical amendments that the Conservative government is making to the Canada Labour Code. “These amendments could put workers’… Read More

Job growth lags five years after the recession: Georgetti says jobs not keeping up with population growth

OTTAWA―The President of the Canadian Labour Congress says that employment growth continues to lag five years after the economy began to shed jobs in the Great Recession that began in the fall of 2008. “The number of new jobs is not keeping up with population… Read More

Fraser Institute pension study hypocritical - Georgetti says Fraser fronts for big business, conservative politicians

OTTAWA ― The Canadian Labour Congress says that a study released by the Fraser Institute, which attacks the pensions paid to men and women who provide public services to Canadians, is hypocritical. … Read More

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CLC criticizes freeze on EI premiums - Georgetti says it’s being done on backs of the unemployed

OTTAWA ― The President of the Canadian Labour Congress says that the federal government’s three-year freeze on Employment Insurance (EI) premiums is being done on the backs of unemployed Canadians. … Read More

Youth unemployment, quality of jobs a big concern: Georgetti comments on August job numbers

OTTAWA ― The President of the Canadian Labour Congress says that youth unemployment and the quality of jobs across the economy remain big concerns in Canada. Ken Georgetti was commenting on the release by Statistics Canada of its Labour Force Survey for… Read More

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Union wages benefit all communities: CLC president says much to celebrate on Labour Day

OTTAWA ― The President of the Canadian Labour Congress says workers in Canada have much to celebrate on Labour Day because union wages benefit the entire community. “We believe in the old saying that what we desire for ourselves we wish for all,” says… Read More

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Verizon’s arrival will cost thousands of jobs: CLC says consumers will not benefit in the long run

OTTAWA ― The federal government’s decision to pave the way for the multinational giant Verizon to enter Canada’s telecommunications market will cost thousands of jobs and will not benefit consumers in the long run, says Ken Georgetti, President of the… Read More

CLC endorses consumer boycott of Labatt imports: St. John’s brewery workers on strike since April

OTTAWA ― The Canadian Labour Congress has endorsed a national consumer boycott against a number of imported brands of Labatt beer and is calling on the company to return to the bargaining table. “This is a David and Goliath struggle between about 50 local… Read More

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