Retirement Security and the 2011 Federal Election

  How do the platforms of the federal political parties stack up on the issue of retirement security?   Conservative Party   Liberal Party … Read More

CLC Analysis of the 2011 Federal Budget

Introduction With unemployment and underemployment still at high levels, the federal government should have led the way to a sustained and broadly shared economic recovery. Instead, the Conservative Budget introduces only very modest new job creation and s… Read More

Letter of support to Mr. Koga Nobuaki, President JTUC-RENGO

The CLC offers its condolences and support to the workers of Japan. Dear Brother Nobuaki, We are monitoring the news about the biggest earthquake to hit Japan in 140 years and the resulting tsunami. We are astonished by their magnitude and can only im… Read More

Research Note: Pooled Registered Pension Plans (PRPPs)

The purpose of this research note is to critically examine the proposed Pooled Registered Pension Plans and to compare this option to expansion of the Canada Pension Plan. Introduction At the December 2009 meeting in Yukon, and the June 2010 gathering in … Read More

Georgetti writes to Mexican ambassador regarding persecution of workers

CLC president Ken Georgetti has written to the Mexican ambassador to Canada expressing “grave concern” about the situation of Mexican workers. Georgetti says that there has been a serious escalation in the violation of the rights of Mexican workers. Geo… Read More

Georgetti sends letter to Egypt’s Ambassador to Canada

CLC President Ken Georgetti has delivered a letter to Egypt’s ambassador to Canada. Georgetti is calling on Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to engage that country's popular movement in negotiations toward a peaceful transfer of power to an elected leader… Read More

CLC Opposes Bill C-49

Canada is a nation of immigrants and refugees. Our country, our values, have been built on the principle of respecting human rights and dignity of all. Yet, the Conservative government is pushing forward a bill to once again amend the Immigration and Refug… Read More

Recession Watch Bulletin: Issue 4 ― Winter 2010

This is the fourth in a series of analytical reports from the Social and Economic Policy Department of the Canadian Labour Congress looking at the impacts of the global economic crisis on the jobs, wages, and economic security of working Canadians. 1. In… Read More

Carbon Leakage: What is it? Policy Options for Preventing It

Carbon leakage occurs when there is an increase in greenhouse gas emissions in one country as a result of an emissions reduction by a second country with a strict climate policy. When a company is facing increased costs in one country due to emissions prici… Read More

Canadian Labour Congress Pension Proposals: What Do They Mean for Nunavut?

Summary of the CLC Proposal The Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) proposes to phase in a doubling of Canada Pension Plan benefits from 25% to 50% of average earnings on a pre-funded basis. Additional contributions from workers and employers would be inv… Read More