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Together We've Got PRIDE

For more than 30 years Canada's unions have stood up for the LGBTQ community We’ve been there at work, in the courts, and in the streets to defend the rights of our members, their partners and their families.   We’ve been there to protest inju… Read More

Today Solidarity is Pink.

April 11, 2012 is the International Day against Bullying, Discrimination, Homophobia and Transphobia in schools and communities.   Celebrate diversity and raise awareness to end bullying by downloading your very own D.I.Y Day of Pink Solidarity decal … Read More

Advancing Equity by the Numbers and Reporting on Past Promises - A Survey

At the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) 2008 Convention, delegates passed two important equity resolutions: i) for the CLC and its affiliates to undertake a gender and equity audit; and ii) to survey affiliates on their progress implementing the recommendatio… Read More

Retirement Security and the 2011 Federal Election

  How do the platforms of the federal political parties stack up on the issue of retirement security?   Conservative Party   Liberal Party … Read More

Backgrounder - Labour’s unique perspective on Harper’s Maternal and Child Health Initiative

Earlier this year, Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced that Canada would “champion a major initiative to improve the health of women and children in the world’s poorest regions.” Two days later, Harper reiterated his intention at the World Economi… Read More

A Quick Education in Pay Equity - Women's Economic Equality

Why do we need pay equity laws? The simple answer is that without laws (or unions fighting for higher wages), employers will pay as little as possible for wages. If they can get away with paying women less, they will. Until the 1950s, men and women wo… Read More

Labour Advocacy Toolkit - Organising to Achieve Universal Access to HIV Prevention, Treatment, Care and Support

The challenge to HIV and AIDS has to be a long-term commitment. Trade unions are well suited to take on that challenge. As organisations they have been in existence for decades. They have been and are at the forefront of many long-term struggles for social … Read More

Reality Check: Women in Canada and the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action Fifteen Years On

Part One: Overall Achievements and Obstacles There has been a sharp decrease in institutional and political support by the Government of Canada for the promotion and protection of the human rights of women and girls during the period 2004 - 2009. This is … Read More

CPP Fact Sheets: Labour’s plan for an improved CPP

CPP Fact Sheet:  Labour’s plan for an improved CPP How it works The best way to help today’s workers save enough for retirement is by increasing what everybody gets from the Canada and Quebec Pension Plans. The Canadian Labour Congress is proposing … Read More

To Our Allies: Everything you ever wanted to know about Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans Issues

The Canadian labour movement stands in solidarity with the struggles of LGBT communities across the country. This alliance has resulted in an impressive record of victories for LGBT rights at work, in the legal arena and within our own trade union movement… Read More