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The Canadian Labour Congress Statement to the Sixteenth Conference of the Parties to the UNFCCC and Government of Canada

Posted: Thursday, 2 December 2010

At COP 16 in Cancun, there is little prospect for achieving a fair, ambitious, comprehensive, and legally binding UN climate treaty which the world had hoped for at COP 15 in Copenhagen. This is a crisis. Current pledges for reducing emissions and financing climate change policies are outrageously insufficient, and put the whole of humanity at risk. In order to stop global average temperatures from exceeding a two-degree Celsius increase, we urgently need to revitalize the multilateral climate process as we move forward toward a global climate treaty. COP 16 represents an opportunity to rebuild trust in the UNFCCC process. We need COP 16 to be a significant stepping stone to a fair, ambitious, and legally binding deal at COP 17 in Johannesburg.

The Canadian Labour Congress and its affiliated unions and federations are committed to taking action on climate change. Through our collective action, we are educating our members, our employers, and our families about living and working green, and we are accepting responsibility for our past and changing our future so we can live sustainably.

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