CLC calls on Canada to withdraw recognition of new government of Paraguay

The Canadian Labour Congress calls on Canada to withdraw its recognition of the newly-installed government of Paraguay under Federico Franco and to withdraw diplomatic ties with Paraguay until democratic order is restored. We note Paraguay's neighbours and … Read More

Pride Celebrations 2012

It has been nearly 35 years since the first ever Rainbow, or Pride, Flag was raised as a symbol of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Two-spirited and Queer (LGBTQ) pride, liberation and diversity. The flag was created to commemorate Harvey Milk, an LGBTQ activ… Read More

CLC Joins Black Out Speak Out June 4

Next week is Environment Week in Canada. The CLC will be joining hundreds of environmental organizations, charities, and other organizations who will darken their websites for a day to protest the undemocratic way Canada's environmental laws and regulations… Read More

Statement on the International Day against Homophobia (IDAHO)

May 17 is the International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHO). It commemorates the day in 1990 that the World Health Organization removed homosexuality from its International Classification of Diseases. Yet in every part of the world, people ar… Read More

Pay less wage model unfair to migrant workers

Migrant workers deserve fairness. Recent changes to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program by the federal government permitting employers to pay migrant workers up to 15% less is unfair and misguided. Allowing employers to fast track applications for migrant… Read More

CLC pleased that pro-asbestos lobby group will fold

The Canadian Labour Congress welcomes news that the Chrysotile Institute, a pro-asbestos lobby group, that has received funding from the federal and Quebec governments, will dissolve and cease operation. The Institute, which was created in 1984, insisted on… Read More

In defence of public and accessible post-secondary education

The Canadian Labour Congress calls on the Quebec government to fairly negotiate with students who have been on strike for over two months, in protest of the government proposal to increase tuition fees by 75% over five years. Quebec, which long ago recogni… Read More

Georgetti offers condolences on fatal sawmill explosion

Frank EverittPresidentUnited Steelworkers Local 1-4241777 3rd Avenue, Suite 100Prince George, British ColumbiaV2L 3G7 Dear Brother Everitt, On behalf of the Officers of the Canadian Labour Congress, I would like to extend our deepest sympathies to the mem… Read More

Earth Day 2012: What Would you Do with 1.4 Billion Dollars?

Earth Day is a day to celebrate the earth and think about our connection to it. On this 42nd anniversary of Earth Day, it is time to acknowledge how our lives connect with the sustainability of the planet and how, as a country, we are managing our vast natu… Read More

Day of Mourning Statement

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Nova Scotia Westray mine disaster, where an underground methane explosion took the lives of 26 workers.  Since then, the labour movement worked for parliament to pass legislation, the so-called Westray bill,  wh… Read More