Pacific Region

Pacific Region

Welcome to the Pacific region of the Canadian Labour Congress. We are located in Vancouver, British Columbia and service the entire province of B.C and the Yukon. 

We work closely with the local labour councils and federations of labour on many workplace issues including collective bargaining, education, providing assistance during employment crises and many more functions.

Unions and social networking

Delegates to the CLC convention in Vancouver participated in an informative presentation on social networking by Juliette Powell, author, digital media consultant and co-founder of The Gathering Think Tank. She encouraged delegates who are not yet using social… Read More

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Working people have the power

Delegates to the CLC convention in Vancouver debated a political action policy paper aimed at labour’s mobilizing for the future. Delegates repeated the refrain that when working people stick together they have power. Many speakers recalled the success of… Read More

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Tribute to locked out workers

Delegates to the CLC convention in Vancouver were updated on four specific lockouts that are across the country. CAW members talked about their lockouts in Winnipeg and Toronto. In Winnipeg, the employer is attacking retirees’ pensions, as well as wages… Read More

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Think Workplace Fatalities are a Thing of the Past? Together, we have made progress but we must keep fighting for safer workplaces

Unions are about more than decent jobs for workers. The labour movement also works to make workplaces safe for everyone. Yet, each year thousands of Canadians are killed or injured on the job or die from work-related diseases. In 2012, 979 Canadians … Read More

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The Tories Attack on the Middle Class Should Worry You

The Conservative government is engaged in a campaign to distract their supporters from a series of Senate scandals and cover ups. The Conservative fundraising machine believes that if it feeds its base a constant diet of someone to dislike, the donat… Read More

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Canada Pension Plan Expansion News Conference

Check Against Delivery Thank you for joining us today. We’re here today because now is the time to expand the Canada Pension Plan. The time for talk has passed and the time for action has arrived.… Read More

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