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CLC delegates distribute child care petition

Posted: Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Delegates to the CLC convention in Vancouver are circulating a petition to the House of Commons calling upon the federal government to legislate the right to universal access to child care and to provide adequate funding for provinces and territories to create the system. The petition is available for downloading and printing here and should be sent to the appropriate Parliamentary critics when the House of Commons reconvenes.


PETITION TO THE House of Commons

WHEREAS child care is often not accessible or affordable for Canadian families and is often of uncertain quality for young children;

WHEREAS child care creates jobs, makes Canada more competitive, helps achieve women's equality and builds local economies and is a recognized human right;

WE, the undersigned, citizens (or residents) of Canada, call upon the House of Commons

To legislate the right to universal access to child care, and provide multi-year funding to provincial and territorial governments to build a national system of affordable, high quality, public and not-for-profit early childhood education and care accessible to all children. The federal government must establish funding criteria and reporting mechanisms that ensure accountability for how the provinces and territories use federal funding to ensure quality, accessibility, universality and accountability, and that acknowledge Quebec’s right to develop social programs with adequate compensation from the federal government.

Dowload and print the petition here.

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